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"Thank you guys so much for a wonderful 2 day fishing adventure. I had an amazing time getting to learn some basics with fly fishing and enjoying the conversation with everyone. The dinner dishes were a wonderful delight after a great day of fishing. I also canít thank you enough for the fly rod and waders. That was a real treat that I wasn't expecting. I have actually been putting it off for a few years of purchasing waders and on multiple instances have looked at fly rods but didnít know where to begin. So again, thank you for the great teaching points.

The kids loved the lasagna but even more enjoyed the eclair dessert. Your generosity and kindness will clearly allow the organization to flourish. Words canít describe the enjoyment that was shared during our short time. Thank you just isnít enough and hope you can keep providing these experiences to others for a long time. If there is any way i can be of some assistance, please reach out. Many thanks for everything."(J. Leidy)

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